The dream of a micromill

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Norske lam kommer på beite så fort som mulig etter de er født
A short history of the dream behind the yarn hank that we are to send you.

I started Oslo Micromill because I wanted to be able to offer a fantastic product. A product you do not currently not could find in the marked: short-traveled, from local farmers in Eastern Norway. From sheep that are doing well every day, eat healthy, clean plants on Norwegian pastures. Yarns that haven't been around the world. Soft Norwegian luxury yarn that you wish to use, love to knit with. Wear the sweater that will last and which the children can pass on to their children. With pride, because the wool is from the farm "over-there" and the sweater is as luxurious as a new one.

I, myself have grown up on a sheep farm and see this as a tribute to the Norwegian farmer, Norwegian nature and the wonderful that comes from this combination. My vision is to create a spinnery close enough that the urbans in the capitol of Norway are able to visit, so they can come and see how wool actually transforms into delicious yarn. The spinnery is located on a barn just some subway stops on the outside of Oslo city center. Here I will reflect some of Norwegian culture and tradition for making clothes.

With this I will also focus on "slowfashion" (good quality, clean environment and fair for both consumers and manufacturers), where clothing is intended to last and where one sees the value of the individual garment. Rather have two nice sweaters that last forever, than 20 that are washed out after a few washes and then must be discarded. Having spent a little eternity (or a week) knitting a nice gift, I really want the gift to keep the shape and incision, wash after wash, day after day, and year after year.

I want to emphasize that all aspects of production should be part of our brand. Most farmers today have long working hours, work hard and put their whole soul in the work. This is the very basis of our production. I want every part of the production to be paid, honour and tribute for the job they put down. That's why I'm going to introduce personally those who have contributed to the yarn you get in your hand.