One of our farmers: Jacob

Jacob together with some of the finest sheep
Jacob is one of our local suppliers of the finest wool sheep from the Hurum peninsula just outside Oslo city.

Jakob bought his farm in January 2017, and before that he run it himself for 3 years before he bought it. He first graduated from Tomb High School, where he took his 4th year as an agronomist. He has also taken a bachelor's degree at the University of Ås, in forestry, but also specialization in livestock and economics.

Jakob has all his life been very interested in animals and but especially tractors, and is today a proud owner of 4 of them. (more than he ever could have dreamed of when he was 4 years old)

On the farm he has sheep, both Norwegian white sheep and focuses more on Norwegian fur sheep. Jakob hopes one day that prices of wool in the Norwegian market will rise, so that more Norwegian farmers can invest more in wool production. Today it is so low that some even burn wool instead of handing it, which is sad. But a lot has happened with the quality of wool lately, as there have generally been more focus on improving the quality among farmers.

Jakob likes sheep because they are straightforward and easy to deal with. They may say a little too much "Bæ" and bother a little too much.

In addition, he has two beautiful shepherd dogs. Last year he built a large cowshed that houses 90 cows and calves for meat production. In addition to the farm, Jakob also worked with cutting down large trees, and is happy to have lunch in top of a 30m high tree.

In addition to farming, Jakob is very interested in beer brewing, and does this as often as he can with friends in the basement of the farmhouse. When he has time, he also likes to go hunting.