The entrepreneur: Pernille!

If you visit Oslo Mikrospinneri, you will find a bubbly, running Pernille which is high and low and extends to the limit to make the finest yarn for you.

She grew up on a small farm at the countryside outside Oslo and was allowed to help with the lambs on the neighbouring farm from the age of 11. "My first payday was two small lambs" she says proudly and with a love for the animals. Life on a farm has taught her the value of hard and honest work. Nothing comes by itself. Quality needs to be worked for.

It took a long time for her to work again with sheeps. This time there was something quite different, namely the purchase and sale of yarn in Norway. She quickly noticed that there is not much pure Norwegian yarn sold in the yarn shops. Most of it is imported from the other side of the world, and may take many stops before reaching Norway. It affected her that the Norwegian farmer and the fine Norwegian sheep wool were not appreciated enough by the knitters society.

Pernille, like many others, has driven around with her family in the wonderful Norwegian landscape. One day they drove past a large farm with alpaca. "Imagine if we could make yarn out of Norwegian wool," she exclaims excitedly. "A small local spinner in which we can mix crafts with real exclusive fiber? The idea was born and it followed months ( years.) with budgeting, searching for machines, premises and to the development of the concept. Estonia, Italy and China, plus Norwegian farmers and spinners had to be visited and applications had to be written. (read more about her dream here)

January 2019: To do or not to do? Fortunately for you and me; Pernille jumps off the cliff, puts the house in to pledge and places orders on overly expensive machines. Can 20 tons of steel and 1 million small card needles really fulfill dreams? Clearly, and a little year later, everything was in place and sparkling yarns began to come out at the end of the machine lines.

We mentioned that Pernille is high and low, it is not an exaggeration. The raw wool must be picked up high above the ground, for the space below is used for a small laundry. The next moment it must be cleaned under the carding machines, where the coarsest wool fibers fall down and are sorted away. Otherwise, you can find her in front of the spinning machine itself with a stern look for imperfections in the yarn or over the color baths where the finest colors are mixed. The days in Oslo Microspinneri are never the same. It takes time to follow up on all the customers, and occasionally here, the next collection should also be designed and the colors must be determined.

Pernille's three young children are still in the factory in the afternoons. Here they can even be inspired, should it be to become "dress designer" for the eldest daughter of 8 or "lots of machines" for the little boy of 2 and a half years. Here they also learn the value of locally grown products by meeting the farmers who come with the wool delivery. The fact that the production is local and environmentally friendly, of course, excites the small environmental warrior of 8 years. Although she doesn't understand chemistry yet, she's probably also happy about the gentle detergents used.

A little secret is that Pernille is actually highly educated in performing music, loves music and also works as a music teacher at the famous Norwegian music institute Barratt Due. The ear for tones comes in handy in the spinnery. She's the one who first hears if the machines have something out of tune.

The joy of the work in the spinning world is illuminated by Pernille and quickly spills over onto those who meet her in her path. I can't believe that wool and yarn can be so exciting! I can't believe we're making gold out of the barn-smelling dirty wool traps that comes in!

If you're wondering about anything else, get in touch😉

When the spinner began to walk slowly but surely as Pernille dreamed, her life was turned upside down after a workplace accident, in which she lost her right hand. The spinner was few who dared to mention, and many were very surprised to see new posts on Instagram and hear about new knitting patterns that milled her head while she was in the hospital.

Pernille has a tremendous drive, a positive energy and strength that is admirable. The big dream she doesn't give up, and we're rooting for her and the amazing work she does! One thing is for sure; adventurous yarn, made with more love and dedication one should look for long after!