Read the stories behind the yarn that we produce, about our suppliers, us and the process.

  • Bærekraft og vårt garn

    Det sies at vi i Norge har i snitt 359 klesplagg hver i skapet vårt og 8% av disse er ubrukt. Hvordan kan bruk av norsk ull bidra til bærekraftige valg?

  • The entrepreneur: Pernille!

    If you visit Oslo Mikrospinneri, you will find a bubbly, running Pernille which is high and low and extends to the limit to make the finest yarn for you.

  • Why Norwegian wool?

    Norwegian sheep are known to stay the whole summer out in our beautiful landscape of mountains and fjords and have wool of high quality. But still, most of the yarn and wool products sold in Europe are from other parts of the world. The reasons are many, but here we have shown some of the advantages of locally produced Norwegian yarn.