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Silky soft two-treaded yarn, mixed of silk and lambs wool.

The Norwegian lamb's wool is especially known for its extra good resilience and is very durable and glossy. We think that it is a perfect combination with silk that is a heavier fiber.

The Sunwool is specially designed to make it extra soft right on the skin and give light, comfortable garments. It is also very well suited as a weaving yarn.

This yarn is named after my childhood friend's mother, Solvår ("Sol" = sun) - hence Sunwool. When I was a kid and visited them, she had a magical room. A room full of yarn, wool and a tissue that was as big as a house (I thought back then). We are committed to make yarn with many uses. Half a year ago we talked about making a weave yarn, and resulted in this yarn that is as good both knitting and weaving.

The yarn is hand-dyed on our little spinneri. That means that the yarn has shades, color shades and no skeins are quite the same. We therefore recommend that you also make sure to buy enough for a project, as the color batches are small and we normally could not resupply with the same batch afterwards.

70% Norwegian lamb wool from Norwegian Hvite Sheep
30% Mulberry silk


One of our farmers: Jacob

Jacob is one of our local suppliers of the finest wool sheep from the Hurum peninsula just outside Oslo city.