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Silver-isj, the natural colour of the yarn
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The most beautiful blend of shiny Norwegian furwool and mulberry silk, with a unique colorgloss that just have to be seen.

This is a very good knitting yarn with a completely beautiful shine and special play of colours, from Norwegian fur sheep. The wool of the fur sheep is medium-gray, with a natural unique shine and this results in a yarn that we are outmost proud of.

At first touch, this yarn may feel somewhat harsh, but after the first wash it becomes really soft and nice. Even my husband love to wear these cloths.

The yarn is hand-dyed at our small mill. This means that the yarn has shades, colour shades and no skeins are exactly alike. We therefore recommend that you also make sure to buy enough for a project, as the colour batches are small.

70% wool from Norwegian fur sheep
30% Mulberry silk


Why Norwegian wool?

Norwegian sheep are known to stay the whole summer out in our beautiful landscape of mountains and fjords and have wool of high quality. But still, most of the yarn and wool products sold in Europe are from other parts of the world. The reasons are many, but here we have shown some of the advantages of locally produced Norwegian yarn.