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  • Rosa champ
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The most beautiful blend of lamull, mulberry silk and the finest linen for the most flexible yarn!

Meadow yarn is a yarn we are incredibly proud of, where the linen and silk together make this perhaps our softest and most comfortable yarn against the skin. Not only are the garments incredibly beautiful, but it is also very comfortable to knit with.

Here we have emphasized the best properties of each type of fiber:

  • The Norwegian lambswool is specially known for its bounciness, durability and heat regulating abilities. This combination makes garments that keeps its shape wash after wash and will give a little extra warmth on chilly days.
  • Linen makes the yarn durable and moisture absorbing. We think this is perfect for active days. We bought the linen from a smaller local Belgian manufacturer.
  • Mulberry silk gives this yarn its incredible shine and will feel cool to the touch. Silk is heat regulating and isolates well, this combined with wool and linen creates an incredibly comfortable yarn.

This yarn is produced with a lot of love and of course some frustration at Oslo Mikrospinneri. But we hope you become as satisfied with the yarn as we are.

Each hank is of 50 grams.

The yarn is hand-dyed at our small spinning mill. This means that the yarn has shades, color shades and no skeins are exactly alike. We therefore recommend that you also make sure to buy enough for a project, as the color batches are small.

50% finest Norwegian lambswool

25% mulberry silk

25% Belgian linen


17 - 26 m / 10 cm

23 - 36 rows

Needles: 3 - 5.5 mm or 2 - 9 US

123 meters in approx. 50g

The yarn is a 3 ply DK


Årets Perleullpallett

I år har vi valgt en litt uvanlig palett for høsten! Ettersom vi har nok av de klassiske høstfargene fra før ønsker vi å ta med oss en vital og lekende palett inn i høstmørket.