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Nordic summeryarn

The most beautiful blend of lamull, mulberry silk and the finest linen for this year's best summer yarn!

This year's summer yarn in collaboration with @witredesign

Nordic summer yarn has been an adventure to make. From the first meeting over two years ago, to exchanging our dreams, thoughts and plans over phone and mail. We have created a yarn that is custom made for Nordic summers. With lambswool, linen and silk your garment will work just as well to skirts and dresses as it will on hikes.

The Norwegian lambswool is specially known for its bounciness, durability and heat regulating abilities. This combination makes garments that keeps its shape wash after wash and will give a little extra warmth on chilly days.

Linen makes the yarn durable and moisture absorbing. We think this is perfect for Nordic summers where activity is in focus.

Mulberry silk gives this yarn its incredible shine and will feel cool to the touch. Silk is heat regulating and isolates well, this combined with wool and linen creates an incredibly comfortable yarn.

This yarn is produced with lots of love and a bit of frustration on Oslo Micromill. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

50% finest Norwegian lambswool

25% mulberry silk

25% Belgian linen


17 - 26 m / 10 cm

23 - 36 rows

Needles: 3 - 5.5 mm or 2 - 9 US

123 meters in approx. 50g

The yarn is a 3 ply DK

Bærekraft og vårt garn

Det sies at vi i Norge har i snitt 359 klesplagg hver i skapet vårt og 8% av disse er ubrukt. Hvordan kan bruk av norsk ull bidra til bærekraftige valg?