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The most beautiful blend of shiny Norwegian furwool and mulberry silk, with a unique colorgloss. Now also in a single ply edition, which could replace silk mohair, used as following yarn or as a double.

An soft and airy thread with a wide range of applications. A thin yarn, with a lovely shine and play of colors from Norwegian fur sheep. The wool for the fur sheep is in shades of light grey, with a natural shine and this gives a special play of colors when we dye the yarn.

Provides light and airy summer garments with a long life!

We have selected a springy and fresh palette! Hope you find one you like.

The yarn is hand-dyed at our small mill. This means that the yarn has shades, colour shades and no skeins are exactly alike. We therefore recommend that you also make sure to buy enough for a project, as the colour batches are small.

70% wool from Norwegian fur sheep
30% Mulberry silk

Gauge: 16 - 26 m / 10 cm
Advised needle: 3 – 6 mm or 2 1/2 - 10 US

Further guidance if used as single or double

1 thread: 22- 28 m

double tread: 22 – 16 m

1 hank; 50 g = ca. 300 m

The yarn is a 1-thread worsted yarn that is suitable as knitting yarn, but also for crocheting, weaving and knitting.

Remember to rinse the garment you are knitting well in cold water, as there may be some excess color left.

The yarn can be felted, so be careful how you treat it.

Hand wash at 30 degrees and air dry afterwards.

Typical size guidance, based on double tread and 18m/10cm:
XS/S: 5-6 hanks
M: 6-7 hanks
L/XL: 7-8 hanks
2XL: 7-8 hanks
3XL: 8-9 hanks


One of our farmers: Jacob

Jacob is one of our local suppliers of the finest wool sheep from the Hurum peninsula just outside Oslo city.