About Oslo Micromill

Oslo Micromill is a small local yarn spinning mill, focusing on short-distance wool that is processed into a unique exclusive quality through craftsmanship and love of the raw material.

From the very beginning, this project has been about how to make better yarns from wool that has not been around the world. And by focusing on quality, durability and sustainability, we believe that we are now creating a unique product.

Oslo Mikrospinneri buys the raw wool either from local farmers in the area, or from Norila, which is the farmers' co-operation that collects almost all Norwegian wool. With their help, we pick out the best quality, which is absolutely crucial for the quality of our skeins to be as good as you expect.

We have the factory in a barn at the idyllic Farm of Grini. Here it is a short way to nature, and 5 minutes to walk to the nearest subway stop. Here we have the opportunity to create a showcase for Norwegian yarn production that is accessible to so many. This combination of proximity to the urbans and nature is important to us.

The company is run by me, Pernille Volent, who grew up on a farm in Hurum. (see longer presentation of me here). I have learned to appreciate the sheep from an early age, got my first lamb when I was 13 and it trained this as my pet. Later I learned other aspects of the yarn industry, and I think this mix of backgrounds is a perfect experience to bring to this new company.

Formally, the company is called Myrull AS (corporate identity number 820 014 952), named after Asbjørnsen and Moe's fairy tale about "The 12 wild ducks", where the princess collects myrrh wool and spins yarn from it. Especially the picture of Kittelsen from this fairy tale has been an inspiration, which is shown below: